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About Us

Knowledge and Information are not the Commodities and therefore not a privilege of a few. You can acquire them immeasurably with your Leaning abilities and guidance of your teachers. The biggest challenge is how you manage and apply them creatively this you have to do yourself, you just need an opportunity. The Einstein Olympiad offer you space. This is an opportunity to test your knowledge and to prove your calibre. The Einstein Olympiad has taken up an important task of searching young talents through talent search competition. This is a self-assessment event indicating your readiness to take up new challenges. Participate in the National Talent Hunt and discover your self.


The Einstein Olympiad is nationally administered program of assessments in English, Mathematics and Science which benchmarks student performance against a broad, interstate cohort of students and to the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study.

The Einstein Olympiad provides a comprehensive assessment of student performance and ability in English, Mathematics , Science and General Knowledge and provides school, regional and national comparisons. It is available for students in class 1st to 10th in English ,Mathematics, Science and General knowledge. The Einstein Olympiad aims for a high quality, delevarance which provides schools with:

A comprehensive assessment of student performance and ability in science, mathematics and English and General Knowledge individual student reports that highlight skills, strengths and weaknesses

Group reports that allow schools to rank and compare student performance and identify areas of school- and class-wide strengths and weaknesses

A scaled score to measure the progress of students over time

school, regional and international comparison scores to compare and benchmark student and school performance recognition of student performance.

Students receive an individual report which provides feedback on every question, a summary of strengths and weaknesses, and clear information showing how the student performed compared to other students in the school, in their country and in similar countries. Teachers receive comprehensive reports on the student's performance which allows them to better target their teaching and learning activities. Students also receive a Certificate of Achievement